Nordic Series Launch

Nordic Series Launch

Exclusive launch party for Dr. Jekyll's new 'Expressions Of' Whisky series - The Nordic Series

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On January 30th, we started our journey throughout our neighboring countries. Our first destination was Finland, where we picked up a cask in the city «Kyrö’ during a winter storm in true adventurer fashion. Our own country lay next in wait, where we ended up on an Island called «Myken». Even though we got stranded due to bad weather, we of course brought the cask of beautiful Norwegian whisky with us. The bad weather followed us like a curse as we headed to Denmark for the third cask and experienced extreme weather in Mosgaard. The final stop was Smögen, Sweden. And with the fourth cask picked up, our Nordic series was complete.

Launch and tasting at Dr. Jekyll`s Pub the 4th of September.


Nordic Whisky Series Launch

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